A safari to growth


ALL EO Members, EO Spouses & Life Partners and EO Accelerators


Evolution is the name of the game. Adaptability is its rule. This is the law of nature. In today’s competitive landscape, businesses have two options, innovate and thrive or simply fade. Join us in Kenya for a Growth safari unlike any other. Engage with thought leaders, industry champions and A-list speakers to harness a mindset of endurance. Build resilience within yourself and across your businesses to thrive in any environment.

Featured Speaker
Proudly announcing lifelong entrepreneur, Appointments Secretary and Cabinet Secretary to President Ford, Dean of EO’s Leadership Academies and former NBA player Warren Rustand as the featured speaker.


20th – 23rd March 2020


Nairobi, Kenya


Listen, learn and draw inspiration from a host of exceptional speakers and educators. Through the EO Grow safari you’ll be able to reflect on where you are in your own journey, redefine your personal growth and enhance your business acumen to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing ecosystem.

EO Grow Kenya is proud to partner with leading business schools to help address these universal issues as they apply to your business and your family, combining transformational learning with practical case studies

Event Venue:

Trademark Hotel, Nairobi

Registration Fee:

$1500 (For all)